Glorytells has developed a cutting-edge suite of workplace programs designed to innovate, invigorate and inspire individuals and teams in your organisation.

Coaching For Glory

Elissa runs a FREE digital coaching program via Facebook – Free Digital Coaching With Glorytells.

Glorytells also runs a coaching program – Going For Glory – for emerging leaders.

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Graduate Glory

Graduate Glory is an innovative 12 month workplace mentorship and coaching program designed for university graduates or self-starters who have landed their first media, marketing, communications or fundraising role – and simply need some champion guidance to ensure the organisation they’re supporting achieves extraordinary results in that crucial first year on the job.

It’s ideal for employees who do not have the benefit of reporting to a marketing manager and, instead, report directly to their CEO, Executive Director or Board.

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Team Glory

Personally delivered by Glorytells Director Elissa Jenkins, Team Glory facilitates activities that give teams free rein to use their imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness. Elissa gives teams the opportunity to experiment and try, try again. They’re challenged. They’re stretched. They keep adapting until they get results. Creativity rises to the top and failure is a non-issue.

Elissa helps facilitate purposeful and often playful cultures of working together, innovation and shared leadership. She supports individuals and teams to develop determination, tenacity, courage and cohesion.

Workshops include:

  • Team Building
  • Idea Generation
  • Strategic Planning

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