Teen Play Jams - Digital Detox - Glorytells

Being a teenager is, increasingly and rather sadly, very serious business. In the 21st Century, with the addition of digital media, austerity, global uncertainty and a highly pressured education system, it can be a seriously complicated world to navigate.

In Australia and overseas, one of the casualties of current education reform efforts (think league tables) has been the erosion of play, creativity, and joy from teenagers’ classrooms and lives, with devastating effects. Sadly researchers have documented a rise in mental health problems — such as anxiety and depression — among young people that has paralleled a decline in children’s opportunities to play.

Catherine Heinemeyer, postdoctoral researcher and arts practitioner from York St John University, has said that to thrive emotionally, young people need their own time and space, that is not explicitly directed at particular outcomes.

Teen Play Jams - Digital Detox - Glorytells

Yes, play looks a little different for teens than play for kids and play for adults which is why we run Teen Play Jams as separate sessions.

According to Ben & Me, play in the teen years “provides opportunities for young people to take risks, practice decision-making and problem-solving skills, make mistakes (and learn from them), experience and accept defeat, build confidence, overcome fear, and mature in all manners of thinking and behaving”. Amazing stuff.

Hosted on beautiful Bribie Island, a handy 70 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD, Glorytells runs Teen Play Jams. These are short sessions or full days of play featuring activities that enable teenagers the opportunity to reconnect with one’s self, with others and with nature.

Our Teen Play Jams double as a digital detox.

Teen Play Jams - Digital Detox - Glorytells

According to Veteran Mentors, children and teens do not yet have a fully developed frontal cortex, and thus aren’t equipped to handle screen exposure as well as adults.

Benefits of a digital detox for teens include:

– additional sleep and exercise
– better personal control
– increased positivity and confidence
– less instances of behavioural issues
– heightened social skills and interactions
– increased productivity

Of course we’re not – by any stretch of the imagination – suggesting one of our Play Jams cures all these teen ills. These are simply some of the benefits of digital detoxing, when practiced over time.

Our Teen Play Jams are just a small part of a lifestyle that features rather than renounces play and that values “unplugging” from technology.

Teen Play Jams - Digital Detox - Glorytells

Glorytells’ spacious playquarters are located 200 metres from Kakadu Beach, a waterfront parkland located on the exquisite Pumicestone Passage – a haven for dolphins, dugongs and migratory birds.

While teenagers are encouraged to participate in all facilitated activities, there is absolutely no pressure to engage in an activity if you are uncomfortable doing so – for whatever reason. Teenagers do not have to be accompanied by an adult to participate, but any adult parent or carer is welcome to participate with their teenager or teenagers at no extra cost.

Teen Play Jams are only hosted at Glorytells’ playquarters on Bribie Island.

Book a Teen Play Jam now for 6 teenagers or check out what public events we have coming up.

3 Hour Teen Play Jam: $90/per person (min 6, max 15 teenagers)
Full Day Teen Play Jam: $150/per person (min 6, max 15 teenagers)