How clever does our copywriting have to be to convince you to use our copywriting services? Wait, did we just use the word ‘copywriting’ twice in one sentence?

To convince you we’re awesome, do we keep this section long or short? Do we use the active voice or passive voice? Do we choose to sound serious and earnest or intentionally and comically insane? Do we use complete sentences? Or do we subscribe to the ‘We know the rules so we can break the rules’ philosophy and use sentence fragments?

It’s a minefield isn’t it?

Let us dodge the grammar mines and SEO anxiety for you with services including:

No, we don’t write 500 words of SEO optimised website content for $10. We refuse to deliver you that crap. Instead we offer quality, engaging, optimised, grammatically-awesome content. Contact us now for our competitive per word or per piece rates.

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