Seniors Play Jams - Digital Detox - Older Person Camera

Play is a way of keeping the mind and body active. And seniors, particularly retired seniors, are actually pretty good at prioritising play.

That said, even older people can fall into the trap of watching too much TV and spending too much time on the iPad.

So Glorytells is here to facilitate a play break, exclusively for seniors!

Play provides many health benefits to seniors. According to Seniors Lifestyle Magazine, joining in more creative projects, the process of exploring new ways of having fun or playing, and problem solving or building new solutions are of great benefit to both the mental and physical health of elderly adults.

Additionally, “play or creative activities that stimulate the cognitive functioning of the brain have been shown to be beneficial to patients who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease by reducing depression and increasing vitality”.


Hosted on beautiful Bribie Island, a handy 70 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD, Glorytells runs Seniors Play Jams. These are short sessions or full days of play featuring activities that enable seniors the opportunity to reconnect with one’s self, with others and with nature.

Our spacious playquarters are located 200 metres from Kakadu Beach, a waterfront parkland located on the exquisite Pumicestone Passage – a haven for dolphins, dugongs and migratory birds.

While seniors are encouraged to participate in all facilitated activities, there is absolutely no pressure to engage in an activity if you are uncomfortable doing so – for whatever reason.

Seniors Play Jams are only hosted at Glorytells’ playquarters on Bribie Island.

Book an Seniors Play Jam now for you and 5 friends or check out what public events we have coming up.

3 Hour Seniors Play Jam: $90/per person (min 6, max 15 adults)
Full Day Seniors Play Jam: $150/per person (min 6, max 15 adults)