Creative Play & Digital Detox Services - Glorytells - Boy Laughing

Adults and children alike need to engage in creative play. Not only does Glorytells offer play jams for teens, adults and seniors, but all our kids classes actively involve an adult parent or carer.

Choose from:

Play Jams feature facilitated activities undertaken individually and in groups such as:

  • reflection writing and drawing
  • postcard writing
  • playing with a ball
  • playing with building blocks
  • making a sock puppet
  • making flower garlands
  • blowing bubbles
  • photography (using cameras)
  • performing with puppets
  • chalk drawing or painting
  • hop scotch, elastics, marbles, skip rope
  • dancing (alone)
  • singing (group)
  • laughter
  • deep breathing
  • nature walk
  • walking barefoot
  • building a sandcastle

Activities vary depending on the age, availability and needs of Play Jam participants.