Team Glory: Team Building, Idea Generation, Strategic Planning

Glorytells has developed a cutting-edge suite of workplace programs designed to innovate, invigorate and inspire individuals and teams in your organisation.

Personally delivered by Glorytells Play Director Elissa Jenkins, Corporate Glory Jams involve facilitated activities that give teams free rein to use their imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness. Elissa gives teams the opportunity to experiment and try, try again. They’re challenged. They’re stretched. They keep adapting until they get results. Creativity rises to the top and failure is a non-issue.

Elissa helps facilitate purposeful and often playful cultures of working together, innovation and shared leadership. She supports individuals and teams to develop determination, tenacity, courage and cohesion.

Workshops include:

  • Team Building
  • Idea Generation
  • Strategic Planning

Team Building Jams

Using principles of play theory inspired by her work as an entertainer and systems thinking capabilities inspired by the wonderful Donella Meadows, Elissa will facilitate a thoughtful, engaging and fun team building workshop.

Play is fun, developmental and positive – and speaks to the human side of organisational culture and development. Playing, learning and working together in a team environment enhances curiosity, communication, collaboration and co-creative relationships with others.

Bring Elissa in every time a new staff member joins your departmental team, your leadership team or your board – and watch as your teams achieve results together.

To book a Team Building Jam, contact Glorytells now.

Idea Generation Jams

Glorytells’ Idea Generation Workshops are ideal for boards, leadership teams and departmental teams keen to discover and develop solutions to prevailing challenges.

Together we determine the problems you want to solve and the opportunities you want to take advantage of then use idea generation using puppetry (I know right?!?) to formulate unique, breakthrough ideas.

This workshop is a perfect complement to organisational strategic development, creative brainstorming and campaign planning sessions.

To book an Idea Generation Jam or for further details contact us now.

Strategic Planning Jams

Elissa will facilitate strategic planning sessions for:

  • entire organisations
  • individual departments
  • boards
  • internal or external marketing, communications or fundraising campaigns

Engaging Elissa to facilitate strategic planning sessions means leaders can step back from the ‘chairing’ position and, instead, engage alongside their teams.

While being supremely task focused, Elissa’s delivery is also full of joy, play and humour, ensuring teams not only stay on track, but also stay engaged and awake!

Elissa’s diverse background and experience means she supports organisation through the development and execution of its strategic plan or campaign plan.

“I work hard to understand complexities, I pride myself in connecting organisational dots and I am passionate about supporting organisations achieve their shared vision. 

“I’m a patient, but action-oriented facilitator. I also often subtly sneak in consensus decision-making techniques. For a team to embrace an idea and give it a life of its own is a reward for this effort as it provides a better chance of success.

“Taking the time to listen and discuss ideas and options in a safe space where everyone’s contribution is valued – rather than just the dominant few – helps turn strategy into action as there is a sense of shared direction.

“Doing all this while not being boring is my shindig.”

Secure Elissa’s support from 2 hours to 2 days. Contact Glorytells now to discuss your specific needs.