Benefits Of A Digital Detox - Play Agency - Glorytells- Beach Chairs

First up, enjoying and promoting the benefits of a digital detox isn’t about demonising the digital world. The digital world can be a wonderful, enriching, exciting place to be.

It’s simply about balance – being conscious of the downsides of too much screen time and acknowledging the importance of cutting back if life with technology is becoming too overwhelming.

But most of all it’s about reconnecting with the real and imagined world – reconnecting with yourself, with others and with nature.

A digital detox involves ditching the computer, the smart phone, the television and the computer games. And the benefits? Well, according to Beyond Blue:

  • You’ll be calmer and more content
  • You’ll be more productive
  • You’ll enjoy healthier relationships
  • Your physical health will improve
  • Your sleep will improve

Participating in a Glorytells Play Jam is all about practicing how to digital detox. Not only does it give you a dedicated space away from the screen, but you will leave the Jam with examples of activities and actions you can continue on your own, in your own time.