Graduate Glory: Workplace Mentorship Program

“Wow. I have never received guidance like this before. No-one has ever bothered or perhaps had such words of wisdom to share. This is amazing!! It’s taken a little while to reply because I have been trying to digest everything. So Elissa, just a huge THANK YOU!!!!! Really, this may have just helped change the course of my working life and life!!! Profound stuff.” – Gabriella Wilson

Graduate Glory is an innovative 12 month workplace mentorship and coaching program designed for university graduates or self-starters who have landed their first media, marketing, communications or fundraising role – and simply need some champion guidance to ensure the organisation they’re supporting achieves extraordinary results in that crucial first year on the job.

This program has been tactically designed for businesses, non-profits and start-ups who don’t have the budget to hire a senior level marketing, communications or fundraising manager ($60K-$120K/year) or external agency ($100-$250/hour), but appreciate the remarkable results a new or recent graduate can achieve given appropriate and skilled senior level support.

It’s ideal for employees who do not have the benefit of reporting to a marketing manager and, instead, report directly to their CEO, Executive Director or Board.

This service is the ideal investment for leaders who do not have the capacity or skillset to provide the level of support and feedback a new media, marketing and fundraising employee needs to succeed both independently and as part of team.

Glorytells Director Elissa Jenkins acts as a Virtual Coach, setting your new or recent employee up for success with:

  • 2 x two-hour mentorship and coaching sessions per week for first 4 weeks
  • 1 x two-hour mentorship and coaching session per week for the subsequent 2 months
  • 1 x two-hour mentorship and coaching session per fortnight for the subsequent 9 months
  • 1 hour of email and phone Q&A, support and feedback per week for 12 months

This investment in your employee’s first year will help:

  • achieve high level sales or fundraising results without the high costs (greater ROI!)
  • increase staff retention by enhancing job satisfaction
  • help maximise productivity by reducing stress, anxiety and guesswork
  • provide a practical and lasting professional development opportunity

Elissa’s Graduate Glory mentorship program is tailored to suit your specific objectives, but may include the following:

  • How to write a strategic marketing and communications plan.
  • How to write a public relations, marketing or fundraising campaign plan.
  • The fundamentals of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting and production.
  • How to write an engaging, SEO-optimised blog.
  • How to write a media release, pitch to media, present to media.
  • How to set up and maintain an engaging social media presence.
  • How to maximise your Facebook boost budget.
  • How to design graphics like a pro using free tools.
  • How to run a special event.

Elissa is an award-winning public relations and fundraising specialist who has a rich and diverse 20 year career mentoring university students, supporting interns and managing teams. She has worked for a multinational media corporation, in the non-profit sector, in the renewable energy sector, in arts and entertainment, and has supported small to medium businesses and social enterprises to flourish.

For more information or to book Elissa’s Graduate Glory program for your new employee contact Glorytells now or call Elissa directly on 0418 786 986.