Glorytells is a digital media and public relations consultancy that believes we can all flourish in a sustainable world. We tell your story. You get the glory.

Our Approach

At Glorytells, we strongly believe the high cost generally associated with producing quality campaign strategies and communication tactics is currently:
  • impeding an individual’s ability to start up and grow a successful, sustainable business;
  • inhibiting a community’s ability to bring about positive change; and
  • restricting our natural environment’s capacity to flourish.

Working in a humble, virtual environment means Glorytells is able to keep its overheads low, giving you super affordable yet quality advice and support.

Our Service

Glorytells provides quality, affordable marketing and communications support, coaching and services for:

  • small to medium businesses
  • startup companies
  • social enterprises
  • non profit organisations
  • government departments
  • big business CSR programs
  • political candidates

Glorytells acts as your very own marketing and communications strategist. We’ll work with you to strategically plan your media, marketing, communications and fundraising campaigns.

We are also master tacticians. We’ll produce your media, marketing, communications and fundraising tactics. We’ll turn your strategic and creative ideas into quality, usable assets. Quite simply, you give us a brief and we give you the goods!

Glorytells runs a coaching program – Going For Glory – for emerging leaders. Design your own strategy, implement your own tactics, get oodles of practical feedback and all kinds of spirited support.



Glorytells founder and Chief Executive Office Elissa Jenkins is passionate about supporting organisations to achieve their financial, social and environmental goals.

She has a 20 year career in media, marketing, communications and management; three degrees; a collection of awards; a bunch of life experience; and many beautiful stories to tell.

Elissa has worked for a multinational media corporation, in the non-profit sector, in the renewable energy sector, in global ecommerce, in arts and entertainment, and has supported small to medium businesses and social enterprises to flourish. She’s an ideas person and an action person – she makes things happen.

In November 2013, Elissa was named one of YWCA Queensland’s 125 Leading Women – as a woman who has made a significant contribution to her community and modelled leadership through her actions and words.

Elissa combines her friendly personality, passion and pizzazz with her smarts, sincerity and professionalism to steer strategic organisational imperatives and inspire teams to achieve greatness, no matter where in the world they are located.

Elissa is a leader in the social justice and environment movements, locally and globally. Her volunteer activities have taken her to Kenya, Brazil, Austria and Taiwan and provided her with a global network of environmental and social justice friends and colleagues. She has lived. She has learnt. She has acted. And her diverse skillset reflects this.

Glorytells’ CEO Elissa Jenkins is a bit of a digital nomad. If you’ve seen the photos of the view from her home office and the photos from her life on the road, you will understand why. For some #everydayjoy, be sure to follow Elissa on Instagram.