Play Agency - Digital Detox - Glorytells
Glorytells is a social enterprise that promotes the value of play in everyday life for all ages. We are a play agency that believes we can all flourish in a playful world.
We facilitate Play Jams – short sessions or full days of play featuring activities that enable people of all ages the opportunity to reconnect with one’s self, with others and with nature.
100% of our profits are donated to the Flying Seagull Project. Elissa from Glorytells and Brett from Larrikin Puppets hope to set up a similar non-profit organisation in Australia very soon. Once that’s all sorted, the donations will shift to help fund that new organisation. If you’re interested in being involved in being part of an Australian non-profit that brings smiles to vulnerable children locally and globally, contact Elissa on 0418 786 986 or contact us online.

We love engaging in the digital world as much (if not more!) than the next person. However, we also value the importance of better connecting to one’s self, engaging in play with others, and pausing to fully appreciate nature.

Our Approach

At Glorytells, we strongly believe the amount of time people are spending in and on technology at home, at work and at play can inhibit creativity, cognitive control, decision making abilities, emotional processing and attention to detail.

Play Agency - Digital Detox - Glorytells

Our goal is to get people away from technology by providing facilitated activities that:

  • focus on enjoying time spent alone, time for self reflection and time for expressing creativity;
  • encourage connection with other people; and
  • explore our connection with nature.

Our Service

Glorytells provides cutting-edge creative play services for:

  • corporates and non-profits
  • adults and teenagers
  • kids and their carers
  • seniors
  • writers

Glorytells is available to facilitate Play Jams across Australia. Want to play? Book now or check out our Services and Events.